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Subject: What To Expect On The MidWorld High Ropes Puzzle Course
(Posted on Nov 12, 2013 at 12:04PM )

los suenos costa ricaMidWorld is Costa Rica’s most exhilarating adventure park, and within it is a puzzle course that challenges both the mind and body.

This series of bridges, rappelling lines and climbing platforms attract guests from across the Central Pacific. It is one of Manuel Antonio's most popular options.

It’s not, however, an option for everyone.

The high ropes puzzle course is demanding. Riders are forced to swing, climb and pull themselves along several kilometers of cable. It takes a relentless hour to complete the tour, and every section proves tiring.

Every guest should be aware of this before reserving the course, recognizing their own strength, endurance and athletic abilities. It’s thrilling but taxing. Pregnant women, young children or those with physical disabilities (such as neck or back injuries) will not be allowed to compete.

Book a high ropes tour at MidWorld and expect to work for the prize. Those who complete the course will earn a place in adventure park history and create unforgettable coastal memories.
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