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Subject: What To Bring On A Manuel Antonio MidWorld Tour
(Posted on Nov 13, 2013 at 02:51PM )

los suenos costa ricaMidWorld is an adventure park, with a strong emphasis on adventure. It features a series of dynamic rope courses, exhilarating ATV trails and exciting rappelling tours. All of these options are thrilling.

All of them also have a dress code.

Before leaving the comfort of the Los Suenos Resort create an attire checklist. Make sure you have the following items before entering Manuel Antonio's MidWorld park:

  • Close-toed shoes (no sandals are allowed)
  • Casual clothing (be aware that shirts, shorts or pants can be stained or torn during activities)
  • Long pants or jeans (this is required for the ATV tours)
  • Swimsuit (this is recommended for ATV or custom charter tours)

Follow this checklist before any MidWorld excursion to ensure a comfortable experience.

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